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White Canvaa, space to just be.


Whitecanvaa is a space to be the authentic you, where you let go of perfectionism or what is expected of you, and be what you are meant to be. Creating art aligned with your soul's rhythm. Human in its raw, imperfect and beautiful way with the understanding of the potential this life holds and work on ourselves to design the life that we imagine for ourselves.

A community of people which holds COMPASSION, INNER MAGIC & EMPOWERMENT at the core. 
- Where we can flow all that goes within.

- Let it out.
- Let it be.
- Let it breathe.




We create
- Artistic handmade upcycled notebooks to connect you back to your inner creative child and the magic it holds. Making 
something out of the waste and giving it a different and new meaning can act as a reminder that we can give anything or anyone a new meaning by working on it <3. 

- Mindful Journals to help you step in your Growth & Healing Journey.




We believe in slow living and relishing the present moment with all your heart. No to 24*7 work hustle but giving time to both work and play. So you can build your personal life and enjoy the social.

Work Timings: Mon to Fri, 12pm -5pm


We believe in love and harmony towards all. Working towards sustainable solutions in our products, packaging, etc. 

- Conscious Lifestyle
- Committed to making better choices.
- Embracing diversity & inclusion.
- Passionate changemakers 

Love to all you Whiteors!

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