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Top 5 ways to deal with Anxiety

1. Taking a cold shower:

How a hot shower helps us feel the warmth of the water feels like a blanket over the body, giving us a sense of security. Cold showers are best to reduce anxiety, depression. Just for one minute after you bathe turn the lever all the way down to cold and focus on your breaths. A cold shower will release the adrenal hormone which will help us feel better naturally.

2. Meditation:

Just sit and focus on your breathing for 10-20 minutes allowing your thoughts to come by and leave. Do not linger on them. After doing this, there will be a sense of relaxation that the burden came off at least to some extent. The most difficult step to take is the first step where you make up the mind to focus on breathing. It is difficult but worth it!!

3. Journal your thoughts:

Journaling has inexplicably worked for me. I have always been fond of journals but, when I started writing about my thoughts and affirmations. It made and gave me a sense of motivation and relaxation that my burden fell off and I just went it out to my journal. It's just pretty helpful.

4. Turn on the music and dance it out:

Just stand up, put on some music, and dance ass off. Dance however you like and feel every bit of what you're feeling. There is no perfect way of dancing, it's how you speak to your inner being. Dancing like any other physical activity releases endorphins (Happy Hormones) that help us reduce stress and makes our body feel calm, happy, and light.

5. Putting on our creative boots:

As we have always heard when we are doing things we like it makes us feel less anxious. Just like that do things that are art for you. Art is subjective. What works for me, might not always work for you. You can always paint, draw, doodle, cook, play music, or anything else. It's all yours.

In this whole wide world there are lot of things and there might be one or two ways that can make us feel better, better than what we were feeling.

Comment down below your own beautiful way for the world to know. Maybe your way can be THE ONE for someone else. Let us all Whiteors try and help each other as we can. Make this space calming and beautiful for everyone.

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